Irvin Mayfield’s New Album: “Live at Newport”

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The Grammy Award-winning artist, Irvin Mayfield, had a new album with the title “Live at Newport”. It aims to show the talents of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and how much he admires all things about New Orleans. The album is different from his previous works, New Orleans Jazz Playhouse, it is more mature that highlights the full Jazz Orchestra in front of a big crowd. It is a reflection of years of Irvin’s career being a band leader and trumpeter. It includes moments when he speaks about reform for Louisiana prisoners entitled “Angola”, and a meaningful tribute to his father, “May his Soul Rest in Peace”.

Being a humble person, this album was made to present other members of the orchestra and give them their own time to shine. Some of the performances were from Ashlin Parker solo, an entire track namely “Sweetbread on the Leeves” for Dr. Ed “Sweetbread” Petersen and his saxophone arrangements. Also, the whole orchestra had shown their talents in “The Elder Negro Speaks”, which features his major influence, Jelly Roll Morton. Other elements from Mayfield and company are the hip New Orleans Madi Gras tune “Indians” and “I’ve Got the World on a String” which features his easy yet soulful pupil, Leon Brown.

Aside from their original tracks and crafts, The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra never fails the crowd to be entertained with several performances from the music of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, and other famous rock and pop music legends. Some of the songs they work with are Lennon & McCartney’s “Yesterday”, Stevie Wonders’ “Overjoyed”, and a bombastic rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.

The album Live at the Newport will bring listeners to a wonderful experience of jazz music. Setting aside the standards and traditional type of jazz, this is a well-rehearsed Jazz Orchestra with a world-renowned trumpeter and bandleader, Irvin Mayfield. It is a live entertaining experience from a New Orleans jazz style with rock and pop music that you should not miss.