The Mayfield Legacy Lives On

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To most of the people who know and idolize Irvin Mayfield, he is more than a musician. He wants to create music that will show the New Orleans life and continue its legacy to jazz music. Although he spends some time in New York, Irvin’s heart is in New Orleans, so he came back, saying how much he loved his town and its people. He even swears that he will remain faithful in the city and nothing can change it.

His passion for jazz music open doors for him and to his band and orchestra. He also became an artistic director for Minnesota Orchestra, an educator at the University of New Orleans, and made a collaboration with the Apollo Theater in New York (source: Lauren Shapiro). He takes care of his career that he treats his every project as his last one. Being so passionate about his music, he insists that every piece he made was a replication of the drama in his life. He even promises to play the trumpet no matter whatever happens in the future.


Irvin Mayfield is not just an ordinary trumpeter and bandleader. He has a deep passion for jazz music and his undying love for his town, New Orleans. He struggles with his father’s death but that did not make him stop in creating more styles of music. Instead, he uses all the pain and sorrow and turns it into a magical masterpiece.

You cannot blame the people who support and believes in him because his craft comes with advocacies. Not only to make him and his band famous, but to be able to hear his opinions. Reaching his way to the top, he never forgets to bring the people with him, his band and families.

He is truly a jazz music symbol for all ages, not only because of his talents but also by being a good example to many. He lifts up everyone’s spirit through his music and gave opportunities to people, especially to his fellow New Orleanians to experience what it feels like to be in his shoes. People like Irvin Mayfield should be the one we look up to.