Background on Irvin Mayfield

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Also known to be a bandleader, educator, and composer, Irvin Mayfield is an American trumpeter. Born on December 23, 1977, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Irvin has eight siblings and the youngest in his family. His mother, Joyce Alsanders, was a school teacher at the New Orleans and Irvin Mayfield Sr., his father, was a retired United States Army and a former boxer. Due to the typhoon Katrina, his father dies in the flood.

In an interview, Irvin talks about how he remembers his dad while he was trying to move on. According to Mayfield, his dad was a very fun-loving father. That is why it is so hard for him to talk about his loss because he is still a grieving son. In addition, he told that his dad had a great sense of humor and was a true New Orleanean. But he laughs when he reminisced about how his dad tries to cheat him on chess because he was winning.

The song, “Just a Closer Walk to the Thee”, is an original composition by Irvin Mayfield that he dedicates to his father. He always plays the song to remind people that he is not just about playing music and he is dealing with a very tragic moment. He shares what jazz music teaches us about. It deals with the fact that when there is a celebration it happens as a group, unlike sorrow that needs to be handled individually.